Second hand store

Self-service thrift store

You can book a booth (includes shelf- and rack space) and price the goods yourself. Some booths can be fitted with extra shelves. You can book a booth any day of the week!

Full service

You can either bring your goods to the store free of charge, or we can pick the goods up from your residence for a modest fee. In the end of the contract we'll transfer you your comission. Read more here.

Online store

We have opened an online store. You can order goods sold in our store from your own couch! Click here to enter the Online Store. We're sorry, but we're updating the online store and it's currently down.

Realisointi Karelia

Under the same roof operates Realisointi Karelia, which deals with clearing deceased estates and other residences. Antique-, design- and retro furniture and goods found in aforementioned locations are sold in our physical store Siltakatu 18 and in our Online Store https://www.realisointikarelia.fi/verkkokauppa


Booth 10€/week + 30% of the sales.

Full Service  50% of the sales without the standard fee.

Glass cabinet 10€/week
Extra shelf-space 1€/week
Price tags 0,50€/sheet