Full service

Selling excess goods at a thrift store has never been this easy!

During ones life there's a need for different kinds of goods. When a new chapter opens up in life, needs of a person change. Seldom an item of good quality manages to completely degrade in use of one person, so it's ecological and dignified to give an object some extra time and utility in someone elses posession.Every single Full Service-contract is tailored to your needs. If need be, we'll pick up the goods up from your residence and handle them with care. We'll sort the goods carefully, and we'll take care of the pricing and selling of the goods. During the contract we'll be in contact with you and question you about possibly extending the contract according to your wishes.
Sorting, pricing and selling goods for you is an unique service that has been deemed good by our customers. The service makes recycling easy and gives you freedom from excess goods, while benefitting every party involved.
Our customer experience is based on trust. Handing over personal posessions can be a very intimate experience, so the recipient and the handler of the posessions must be trustworthy.
Our professional staff guarantees an easy and dignified experience for you.

Contact us!

-We'll pick your goods up
-We'll price the goods for you
-We'll shelve the goods for you
-We'll take care of the sanitation of your booth
-We'll transfer you your share of the profits in the end

Selling excess goods at a thrift store has never been this easy.